Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

City City City

Some sketches by me.

Ronald Franke is one of my favourite artists.
With his expressive fast strokes he creates beautiful cityscapes.


  1. Did you write by yourself? I like your sketches !!
    I really love art too:)
    I'm so grad to find this art blog!!!
    Big love from Japan

  2. Hey**
    I think....

    I really like 1st and 5th one because first one is not just sketches, its successful in producing fine effects of light and shade by using black pencil and water colors:) Fifth one is so real. Its simple but not simple..! It's hard to say what I'm thinking...:(
    Also 4th one is so interesting for me. I wanna know what did you think when you wrote it:)

    Anyway.. I will write in English♥ I hope you like it !!

  3. Bitte bitte immerwieder gern, ich bin echt begeistert!
    lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen?!
    xx Lea

  4. Pretty, this look GREAT. i mean proper gallery great! Art book great


  5. you are so great!
    follow you from now!!

  6. You're so talented!! I used to draw a lot but my sketches were just boring to see :P
    Thank you for your sweet comment x

    Haru x

  7. these paintings/drawings kicks some serious ass! youre very talented :)

  8. wow, deine bilder sind grossartig!

  9. You are so insanely talented! Beautiful, beautiful sketches :)

    Hugs xx Paris in Pink